HEIMAT x International Peace Festival (IPF)

On Sept 13, 2018, Toronto Waterfront Magazine (TWM) announced the launch of International Peace Festival  (IPF) and 'Film for Peace' (FFP) to address the issue of violence. Filmmakers were invited to submit a short film that is informative, inspiring, and entertaining.  

This year the key objective of this festival is to raise awareness of the underlying contributing factors leading to violence, such as bullying, mental health, addictions, social isolation, poverty, rejection of minority groups etc with the hopes of finding viable solutions to reduce violence. 

Heimat is working with Art For Peace to curate a selection of artworks in-keeping with the events theme. We believe that art has the power to bring hope to life. Art can heal, inspire, and bring awareness to where it's needed. 

Forging through hardships and struggles" is a common theme at this event, reflected in the selection of works by Angela H. Kim.

Event date: Sept 18 - 20, 2020
Location: Daniels Spectrum (Toronto, Canada)

Stay tuned for some of our favourite work from the collection.


"Forging through hardships and struggles" is a common theme at this event, reflected in the selection of works by Angela H. Kim."

Featured Artists

Brent Hardisty / Niiwin Binesi (Painter)
IG: @4bhardisty

Brent Hardisty is a woodland style painter who works in acrylics on canvas. His spiritual name is Niiwin Binesi, which means that he represents and speaks for the winged ones.
He lived in the city of Toronto in his earlier years and was highly influenced by the graffiti sub-culture. He eventually made a name for himself within that scene and moved onto painting murals for organizations and businesses.

This current style and medium was influenced by his bringing up in a first nation community in Northern Ontario. These pictures depict deep spiritual significance yet they always beckon the viewer to look inside themselves. For there is much to be said of the individual and their own intepretations. Much like our dreams or the colors and symbols placed through out the work.

Carlos Delgado (Painter)
 IG: @artcarlosdelgado

Carlos Delgado is a Colombian artist with international recognition living between Colombia and Canada. He is represented by Westland Gallery, Emily Harding Gallery & Sybill Frank Gallery in Canada, Lohme Galleri in Sweden, Cox Gallery in France and Band of Vices Gallery in the USA.

Carlos has been a winner of several art awards by Toronto Arts Foundation, Toronto Arts Council and Canada Arts Council, as well as former artist in residence at Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. His work has been shown in group and solo shows in Canada, Colombia, Sweden, France and Russia and collected by private collectors in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. 

Catharina Goldnau (Sculptor)
IG: @catharinagoldnauceramics

Catharina Goldnau is an award-winning artist, making sculptural work that borders functionality and exhibits nationally and internationally. She explores non-traditional ways of working with clay; mixing custom clays with unconventional materials yields intriguing variations of form and unusual finishes. The materials refer to the tension between the natural and the man-made world: raw earthy surfaces contrast with smooth white porcelain and gold luster. The effects of heat and fire play a pan-ultimate role in altering the piece, creating new forms and surfaces. Resins, textiles and plants or candles may complement sculptural pieces. 

Angela H. Kim (Painter)
IG: @angelaportrait

Angela H. Kim is a contemporary artist, freelance curator, art instructor and a co-founder of HEIMAT Art. Born in South Korea, raised in British Columbia, Angela H currently resides in Toronto. Her training includes OCAD, Emily Carr University, and apprenticeships with several established west-coast artists. Her early work and 'classical-style portraits' was heavily influenced by Renaissance masters and French impressionism. Subjects included themes of humanism, the human condition, and human rights. Her later work highlights human emotion and fragility through the use of abstract marks, heavy textures and strong colours transcending physical boundaries. Her mediums include oil painting, encaustic, plaster, charcoal, wood, bronze, and sand.

Angela's works have been displayed in local galleries, featured in forums, articles and magazines, and collected by individuals and corporations globally.

Joanie Ellen (Sculptor)
IG: @joanieellenstudio

Joanie Ellen is a Los Angeles based installation artist and brand new Toronto transplant. She makes sculpture, furniture, and shelters often within video and sound installations. Woodworking, building and welding are informed by sense memory, physical comedy, primal regression and repetition techniques. Questions of sexuality and identity engage directly with feminist discourse. Ellen's recent work has been referred to as theater without actors, where viewer is protagonist. It is sculpture as performance, and performance displaced in video. The installations pit giving birth, motherhood, reproduction, and the female body against the minimalist notion of taking the artist out. She subverts cultural strategies that work to objectify women and invites the viewer to participate in these critical fictions.

Samar Hejazi (Textile Artist)
IG: @samarhejazi

Samar is a visual artist of Palestinian decent born in the U.S. and raised in diverse communities in the Middle East and Canada. Since graduating with a BFA in New Media from Ryerson University in Toronto, she has attended Arquetopia instructional residencies in Oaxaca, Mexico and Cusco, Peru for which she was awarded a scholarship. She also attended the Takt Art Residency in Berlin in 2016, and completed a studio residency at the Toronto Museum Of Contemporary Art in 2019 which concluded in a group show. Most recently Samar was invited to take part in the international mentorship program at the Arquetopia Foundation. Samar has exhibited nationally and internationally at the Possum Gallery in Berlin and Decentered Gallery in Puebla, Mexico where she showed works alongside renowned artists such as Ai Wei Wei, Roberto Montenegro and Carlos Arias. 

Tanzina Amin (Painter / Panelist)
IG: @tanzina.amin

A Bangladeshi-Canadian visual artist with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Tanzina is a dynamic, passionate and creative leader in the arts and culture sector with extensive experience in corporate management roles. Tanzina co-founded Artusiasm, a trailblazer art gallery and curating business to promote local artists and foster networking and exposure through an inclusive and accessible platform where emerging talents showcase their work alongside seasoned artists. She is also on the Board of Directors of a charity arts organization.

Art has always been Tanzina’s retreat from the stresses of a fast-paced life. She is a strong believer in the healing power of positivity and art for mental health and well-being. She is a certified reiki practitioner and palliative volunteer. Most recently, she completed a certification in Healing with the Arts and now plans to help others heal.

Tanzina’s paintings can be found in various private collections across Canada, US, Europe and Asia. Her works vary from realism to abstraction, landscapes to figures; her personal favourites being expressionist portraits and figures. .

BILL_L47 (Street Artist)
IG: @lawless47images
BILL is a self taught contemporary expressionist , street artist and street photographer who creates art to bring light to both mental health ,social, political and spiritual self . Their goal is to get people to ask questions, seek answers and further push for the truth both within themselves and also in the world we live in. BILL hopes to tell the unheard truths about our systems and to bring light to those who feel unheard and alone. Born and raised in New York BILL now calls Toronto home. You can find their art work throughout Toronto Via Galleries, Private collections and most importantly in the streets . 

Susan N. Stewart (Painter)
IG: @susannstewart

Susan N. Stewart is an award winning artist. She is also the founder of Flick the Switch Artists' Collective in Toronto. She has artwork in corporate and private collections in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Melbourne, Toronto, Montreal as well as Germany and Bermuda.

Moses Salihou (Painter)
IG: @moses_salihou

Moses is a contemporary artist whose artwork reads like visual poetry; subjective & limitless in its interpretation. His inspiration and creativity are sourced from his surroundings, the environment, and his imagination. Moses' creative process is guided by a desire to establish dialogue through his work without setting any limits. As a versatile artist, Moses uses various supports (canvas, paper, reclaimed materials) and mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolour, pigment and charcoal). Originally from Cameroon, Moses now calls Toronto home and his artwork is proudly featured in private collections in Canada and abroad.

Morgan Sheardown (Painter)
IG: @morgansheardown

Morgan Sheardown was born and raised in downtown Toronto. He graduated from OCAD University. Morgan's body of work entitled "RAINING COWS" expresses the inspiration he gets from rain, colour and his love of cows. The cows are graphic, however, one can actually see the layers and splashes of rain creating a 3D like floating effect. The colours, clouds, rain and the graphic application all come together to create calm and a feeling of happiness.

Morgan had a solo show called, "The Land of Raining Cows", at the Steam Whistle Art Gallery. Morgan and his Brain Sculpture "Blue Sun" participated in the TELUS Health Brain Project which raises funds and awareness for Mental Health.

Seven designs of Morgan's "Raining Cows" were featured on Samsung phone cases at the Artist Spotlight in the new Samsung Experience Store, Eaton Centre. 

Gillian Iles (Sculptor, Installation Artist, Painter)

Gillian finds commentary within the existence of social ideals, social orders, idealized lifestyles and beliefs especially as they pertain to colonial Western culture.
Social constructs, precarious systems of belief, ephemeral perceptions and the transient nature of opinion are relevant.
Their manufactured existence, illusionary value, tenuous persistence and questionable motives are of particular interest. The inevitability of change as an innate and implacable inclination of all systems is an underlying theme.
Gillian Iles’ practice consists of painting, sculpture and video/projection. She has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Montreal and Toronto in public institutions, university galleries, artist-run centres and commercial galleries.

Leone McComas (Visual Artist & Designer)
IG: @lehohneh

Leone McComas painting practice examines ideas of the self and the internalization of social ideals; observations of which are used to create conceptual relationships between figure and post-digital landscapes. Following a growing sense of artistic responsibility, Leone now creates work from her source of life to counter-act the increasing presence of anxiety, social polarization, and emotional fatigue. Metaphors of transformation sift the surface of her work, reflecting ideas of change and perspective shifts; while contrasting matte black paint magnifies the sensation of renewal despite the unknown. The desire to maintain luminosity in her paintings has lead to the development of a unique transparency-driven painting process, which produces highly detailed, saturated, and translucent oil paintings that glow from within.
The artists graduated from OCADU receiving her BDes in 2013 and participated in the Faculty of Art’s 36th Florence Off-Campus Program. She is a recipient of the OIEOS scholarship in 2010, the OAC Visual Arts Project Grant in 2018, and took part in AKIN’s inaugural studio residency in MOCA Toronto 2018/19.

Hagop Ohannessian

Hagop Ohannessian is a multidisciplinary artist who connects nature and the human mind through sculpture and multimedia art installation. Inspired by a passion and curiosity for nature, Hagop uses a range of materials and methods, including metal wires, copper sheet, concrete, paints, LED, and sound, to interpret and express the underlying forms, structures, and dimensions hidden within the natural world. He combines these formal studies with environmental installation techniques to create immersive multimedia experiences that invite a deeper engagement with nature by creating a relational, empathic experience with plants and animals.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Hagop currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He graduated in 2002 from Institut Européen de technologie in Beirut with a degree in Electronics and Plastic Arts.


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