Heimat is an online gallery and a networking place for art lovers. Dedicated to discovering emerging artists - promoting them and connecting them to collectors and galleries globally.




Navigate the art world with an expert you can trust. Heimat provides complimentary and comprehensive art advisory services for interior designers, developers, and multinational companies to execute corporate collections, hospitality, and residential projects of any size. From understanding your unique insights and inspirations to creating personalized curatorial proposals, our expert advisory team can help you realize your vision.

At Heimat, we believe the entire art curation can be tailored for all budgets and timelines. We’re the first company to dedicate itself to overhauling and improving every aspect of the art buying and selling experience for everyone.

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Our expert advisory team are trusterd advisors, helping everyone from first-time buyers to the seasoned collectors make better, more informed decisions.

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Work with our curators to source artworks from emerging artists handpicked for you to purchase. With strong relationships with emerging artists, we can support you with precision and nuance to offer original and one of a kind commissions to fit your personal or project needs.

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