Leone McComas

Leone McComas painting practice examines ideas of the self and the internalization of social ideals; observations of which are used to create conceptual relationships between figure and post-digital landscapes. Following a growing sense of artistic responsibility, Leone now creates work from her source of life to counter-act the increasing presence of anxiety, social polarization, and emotional fatigue. Metaphors of transformation sift the surface of her work, reflecting ideas of change and perspective shifts; while contrasting matte black paint magnifies the sensation of renewal despite the unknown. The desire to maintain luminosity in her paintings has lead to the development of a unique transparency-driven painting process, which produces highly detailed, saturated, and translucent oil paintings that glow from within.
The artists graduated from OCADU receiving her BDes in 2013 and participated in the Faculty of Art’s 36th Florence Off-Campus Program. She is a recipient of the OIEOS scholarship in 2010, the OAC Visual Arts Project Grant in 2018, and took part in AKIN’s inaugural studio residency in MOCA Toronto 2018/19.




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