Heidi E. Keyes 

Painting & Prints 

Lives and works in Toronto, Canada  



Heidi E. Keyes is an acrylics artist residing in Toronto. Her creative practice explores mystic, mythological, and spiritual truths, which she paints intuitively. The artist is self-taught with tutelage and mentorship of New York Magazine's Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, who helped her get started in painting. Heidi is concerned with contemporary culture and particularly changes in frequencies as we move through the post-Trumpian chaos, Covid-19, climate change. She believes in ongoing artistic education. Heidi envisions us moving towards a collective awareness, metamorphosis, a spiritual awakening, light with the help of nature.

"Heidi studied Art History in Italy and Toronto at the University of Toronto with ongoing courses in contemporary art via Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto, OCAD, and the Toronto School of Art. She has been exposed for the last 25 years to a multitude of galleries, museums, and artist studios. She has worked and volunteered in the arts, in museums, art centres and for artists in various capacities."

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