Date: September 24-25 / 12pm-7pm

Location: Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Ave. Toronto ON


HEIMAT Art is proud to partner with the International Peace Festival for the Art for Peace segment.

IPF is a proud contributor to the contemporary art discourse.  The ART FOR PEACE contextualizes the work of Canadian and international artists with a historical trajectory and presents a roster of artists whose works explore the centrality of peace as a cognitive and motivational subject through the use of local and universal symbols of peace within a variety of cultures and mediums including photography, concrete abstract painting, digital media, and sculpture. 


The artists whose works appear at the Art for Peace Exhibition use their chosen medium to communicate their peaceful feelings, sensory impressions, spiritual dimensions, places, and spatial abstractions as part of value messages supporting peace. Thus, the APF explores the concept of peace through four main categories: Space and Form, Qualities, Emotions/States, and People/Social.


While peace is a multidimensional concept, it is primarily a social feeling and a value. The positive value of peace, of course, is pervasive in the Art for Peace Exhibition, not least of which is the intended use of images to promote the cause of peace.  Peace may constitute a state or condition: formerly at war, we are in a state of peace. Peace may be also conceptualized as a sensory and spiritual manifestation, such as the use of light to indicate peace. Peace may also characterize an environment, i.e., a peaceful place. Finally, peace may be represented as a spatial abstraction, such as through the concepts of open, balance, and harmony.



Participating Artists

Hagop Ohannessian

Hagop is an Armenian-Lebanese artist based in Toronto, Canada. He works in a range of media, including sound, video, sculpture, digital illustration, painting, and collage.  His work combines media and digital art techniques with physical materials including plastic, found objects, concrete, metal wires, copper sheets, paint, and field recordings.


Hagop engages his audience with new and unexpected ways of seeing the world through art.  His process begins with an idea, tested and reinterpreted through formal experimentation with diverse materials and techniques. His work explores the potential for different forms and assemblages to reveal and communicate spontaneous perceptions and associations. His work employs environmental installation techniques that invite the viewer to reflect on their own perceptions and expectations through an immersive experience of the artwork.


Ludmila Schnaider 

Ludmila Schnaider is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree from The Wizo Academy of Design & Education, (Israel) specializing in Fine Art Photography 2000-2004. Her creativities encompasses all genres of studio photography including Portrait, Fashion and Art.

The most recent Ludmila’s projects are dedicated to discovering and showing wonderful inner world of her models. Her projects “I am a Star”, “Women's Portraits”, “My Dear Veterans” (the name just a few) demonstrate an amazing transformation from the average person to the main character of her visual story.  

The goal of Schnaider as a photographer is to delight tan the modern, distinguished and educated audience and open new ways in Art.

Sunaina Khandelwal

Sunaina Khandelwal is an Artist and Independent Curator of Indian origin and has graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the University of the Arts London, UK. Khandelwal's practice explores the status and meaning of colour within the contemporary art world as she investigates the interplay between Indian and Western art culture through the lens of pigment history.


The artist’s paintings embody an abstracted personality that reflects her multifaceted identity; growing up in a society where the western culture overpowered other cultures. Khandelwal creates her own pigments from clay, rocks and charcoal in order to reference fragments of a material history from a contemporary position; allowing her to feel connected to home. 


Rami Schandall

Rami Schandall is a writer and interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. She works in fibre, ceramic, paint, and text. Each medium inspires the others, with their differing qualities and constraints. Painting with fibre, or making ceramic behave like silk; imagistic poetry, and poems written into paintings. 


In this triptych, “Taking Refuge: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha” fibre is wrapped around the picture frame, in white, gold, black. Each object carries a thread from one of the others, black or gold. The texture shifts with the light and the angle of viewing. There is flatness and depth at once. The threads are meditations on three Buddhist refuge vows, and a question left open — which is which? 


Moses Salihou


Moses is a contemporary artist whose artwork reads like visual poetry; subjective & limitless in its interpretation.  His inspiration and creativity are sourced from his surroundings, the environment and his imagination.  Moses’ creative process is guided by a desire to establish dialogue through his work without setting any limits. As a versatile artist, Moses uses various supports (canvas, paper, reclaimed materials) and mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolour, pigment and charcoal).  

Originally from Cameroon, Moses now calls Toronto home and his artwork is proudly featured in private collections in Canada and abroad.

Angela H. Kim

Angela H. Kim is a Toronto-based painter whose work is complex in a range of themes and materiality. Kim has been deeply invested in reassessing and complicating the relationship between nature and human propensity. Themes of existentialism, metamorphosis, state of living, and death take place in her art practice that result in the form of landscape, abstract, or something in between. 

Kim holds a BFA from OCAD University and her training includes Emily Carr University and apprenticeships with several established west-coast artists. Now she is a new mom, co-founder of HEIMAT art, visual artist and her passion is to working with charitable organizations by painting liveAngela’s works have been displayed in local galleries, featured in forums, articles, and magazines, and collected by individuals and corporations globally.


Oleksandra Gayova


Oleksandra paints portraits, she strives to make them look as radiant as possible. Each stroke should radiate light and color. The colors used in portraits are always bright and life-affirming. The background of every portrait is carefully selected by Oleksandra to complement the subject's personality. Oleksandra works with oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints, as well as tempera.

Art can take many forms, from oil paintings to watercolor paintings to ink paintings. There are three types of art: landscapes, still lives, and portraits.  As a Ukrainian native, Oleksandra now lives in Toronto and her artwork is proudly displayed in Canadian and international collections. Featured in Toronto and GTA Shows


Tamara  Harutyunyan

 Tamara  Harutyunyan is an artist and Visual Art Teacher. She graduated from Yerevan University (Master of Fine Arts), and Saint Petersburg Art Academy.

She is often inspired by jazz, rock and classical music. The idea of music emerges frequently in Tamara’s paintings. She believes that shades resonate with each other to produce visual chords and have an influence on the soul.


Susan N. Stewart

 Susan N. Stewart is an award winning artist with art work in corporate and private collections in NYC, Paris, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Montreal, Bermuda and Germany.   Her painterly, sometimes fragmented brushstrokes combined with bits of thoughts and personal mark-making create a wonderful world in which to wander with untiring delight.

You can find her artwork in private and corporate collections around the world.