How it works

At Heimat, we know that no two people have the same preference. That's why we have options.
Here's how they work.

Renting with Membership

At Heimat, we believe that everyone has a different path to discovering their own personal style, and we’re here to help you find the right fit. With a membership you’ll have access to thousands of artwork you’ll love, and new artists added every month, with more options. 

1. Pick the plan that's right for you

Join Heimat and sign a lease for our 12 Month Member Plan or buy the piece outright with a one time Non-Member Plan.

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2. Select from thousands
of artistic styles

Browse the always-rotating selection
of artwork. Our art collection is designed to be timeless, stylish, and built for city living. There’s something for everyone.

3. Coordinate delivery day

Our team will deliver and assemble all your items for free; we’ll always do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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4. Own. Swap. Repeat

Keep artwork at home for as long as you want. If after 3 months you are ready to swap the piece leave the heavy lifting to us. Our flexible return policy will let you return your work to the artist and find a different piece to fall in love with. Our team will deliver, assemble, and fully set up all your artwork in so you can make yourself at home.

All memberships Include:

Store service


Step outside your comfort zone. Rent pieces you want try, but aren’t sure if you want to buy and see what works for you first.

Store Service

MEMBERS only Access to Heimat CONCIERGE

Designed for the modern collector, Heimat Concierge gives you personalized recommendations. Members save more time and say goodbye to endless scrolling. The more you search, the more we learn.

Store Service


Heimat offers the easiest, most stress-free way to transform any four walls into a home you love. Join Heimat and sign a lease for our 12 Month Member Plan and rent from from brilliant artists. 

Store service


For $99 per trip, we’ll deliver or exchange any artwork to keep your space feeling fresh.

Store Service


100% of the rental payments go against the purchase of the piece, so suddenly these rental rates becomes your own payment plan!

Store Service


Step outside your comfort zone. Try the pieces you want first but aren’t sure if you want to buy and see what works for you first. your service

Become a member

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As a non-member you can still explore our collection and buy works of art. Our collectors are offered the opportunity to constantly discover new artists through our e-commerce platform and advisory services. We hope to inspire a new generation of art patrons to participate in an effortless art buying experience.

Still have questions?

We have answers. Email with any questions.



Choose your plan - then start selecting art you love

Heimat is priced individually depending on the plan you choose. Heimat rental payment option are only available for works within Canada.

Annual Member

$10/mo + discounted art rental payments

Access to Heimat Concierge

Significantly discounted art payments

One free art change annually

Change your piece anytime - $99 per trip

Payments go towards ownership

Non Member

0/month + full price art payment

Delivery & assembly - $99

Change your piece anytime - $99 per trip