Total Attendance: 1200

Artist Represented: 10


Heimat was excited to partner with The Berkeley Social for a very special collaboration blending parallel worlds of fashion, art, and music in the F.A.M. Fest 2018 in support of The Scott Mission.

The event was hosted at Airspace37 with more than 1200 people attending the three-day event.

The vision of The Berkeley Social during this three-day festival is to make fashion, art, and music readily accessible to a broader audience.





Artist Ambassadors 

About Idris Mootee
Idris Mootee is a visual artist who currently resides in Toronto. He began painting and journalistic photography at the age of 15 and devoted most of her teenage time to both mediums. His oil paintings – a mix of modern technology subjects with classic painting technique – is heavily influenced by Renaissance masters, Dutch post-impressionism and Belgium surrealism. His work takes strong humanistic stances and is driven by the need to challenge pervading ideologies and point to ways that connecting between human and technologies. He thinks of his paintings as a crossover of technology, history and art and reflective of our tecnofused societies. The artist’s most recent body of work has combined the two distance mediums: powerpoint slides and oil paintings.

About Mike Wills
Mike Wills was born just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Originally pursuing hockey as an interest, Willis decided to pursue his true passion and begin a fine art practice. Every piece that Michael creates is the product of an intense release of emotional energy. His passion and creativity is released within his practice across each canvas with a pallet knife, giving his work a rough, energetic feel, that many have referred to as “masculine” in style. Michael’s inspiration comes from the energy and movement of life, which he feels is best captured in the light.

About Vasile Ghiuta
A Romanian-born painter, Vasile Ghiuta is a self-taught abstract painting artist, living in Toronto, Canada. A University alumnus with a background in chemistry and physics, he has a keen eye for colours, angles, and strata. His abstract works are inspired by human feelings, emotions, and thoughts. While Vasile is an abstract painting artist, the essence of his works is extracted from reality: real life, real people, and real emotions. The artist paintings have been exhibited in North America, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and China, by art galleries, museums and his works have been featured in several art magazines, such as: “Artascent-International Art & Literature Journal”, California, USA; “Best International Creatives 2017”, and “First Masters Edition”- Art Book, 2017 published by “ArtQuench Magazine”, “Circle of Arts Foundation” art magazine “Circle spotlight no 5”, Lyon, France, 2018.

About Leah Denbok
Leah is an 18-year-old photographer whose home is in Collingwood, ON. Since the age of 13, she has been mentored by Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, and Fellow. For the past three years, Leah has been traveling to cities throughout the world photographing the homeless and recording their stories. This past November the fruits of her labour were published in a book called Nowhere to Call Home–Photographs and Stories of the Homeless, Volume One. This past July CBC’s ‘The National’ aired a documentary about Leah’s photography and stories of people experiencing homelessness. Since then her work has attracted worldwide attention. In the Fall of 2017, the BBC did a story about Leah. She was also, recently, interviewed by newspapers in Italy and the Netherlands. In September the artist shared the stage with Prince Harry and the former Secretary General to the U.N. at the Air Canada Centre for the WE Day and WE Family events where she addressed 40,000 people. She also attended, by invitation, ARTWALK NY 2017 and the Women of the World 2018 festival in Brisbane, Australia. Leah’s work has been heralded by her peers. Toronto photographer, Mike Jordan, wrote of Leah that she is an “emerging superstar,” while well known Hamilton-based street photographer, Alex Zafer, calls her a “mega talent.” This Fall Leah began a Bachelor of Photography program at Sheridan College in Oakville.

About Angela Kim
Angela Kim is a contemporary artist and a freelance instructor. Born in South Korea, raised in British Columbia, Angela currently resides in Toronto. She began painting at the age of 11 but devoted herself to her artwork in 2009. Her training includes OCAD, Emily Carr University, and apprenticeships with several established west-coast artists. Her early work — classical-style portraits — was heavily influenced by Renaissance masters and French impressionism. Subjects included themes of humanism, the human condition, and human rights. Her later work highlights human emotion and fragility through the use of abstract marks and strong colors transcending physical boundaries. Her mediums include oil painting, encaustic, plaster, charcoal, wood, bronze, and sand. Angela’s works have been displayed in local galleries, Dundas Square and TTC Subway, featured in forums, magazines and news articles, and collected by individuals and corporations.

About Brent Doty
Brent Doty has always been fascinated with Pop Culture, Celebrities, and their ability to both inspire and repulse the masses simultaneously. His art is inspired and created using many different mediums, some more successful than others. It was these failures that drove the artist to find a better way to present these icons varied levels of success and influence on our society. That’s when the artist created the medium of ‘Serialist Painting.’ By replacing the brushstroke with images, he was able to construct large works of art out of juxtaposed, biographical, and otherwise symbolic imagery. The repetition in Serialism mimics our own mass consumer culture and also gives me the ability to convey a visual narrative within each piece.

About DJ Stiles
DJ Stiles paints original digital imagery of the queer experience in a pop art style. Stiles work is characterized by bright colors and stylized, reductionist portraiture. He is inspired by the Pop Art Movement, the male form, urbanity, the City of Toronto, Colombian street art and a never-ending parade of inside jokes. His subject matter usually includes gay men, glamorous women, and fierce queens. He has been actively painting since 2016 and had four solo shows in 2018, including NSFW, DJ Stiles Summer Revue, Drag Pop Realness Inspired by Pantone and Church Pop Realness (on now at The Window Gallery at 558 Church Street).

About Moses Salihu
Moses is a contemporary artist whose artwork reads like visual poetry; subjective & limitless in its interpretation. The artist inspiration and creativity is sourced from his surroundings, the environment, and his imagination. Moses’ creative process is guided by a desire to establish a dialogue through his work without setting any limits. As a versatile artist, Moses uses various supports (canvas, paper, reclaimed materials) and mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolour, pigment, and charcoal). Originally from Cameroon, Moses now calls Toronto home and his artwork is proudly featured in private collections in Canada and abroad.

About Bryan Kubinec
Bryan Kubinec personal and artistic style is one which engages a viewer with layers to unravel is the experience he hopes to inspire. As a conceptual artist; the artist believes, the participant viewer is much more important than the work itself because interpretation is an uncharted secondary art form that evokes a connection of thought. It is Kubinec's hope, with great fulfillment and gratitude, to create resonating visual moments that linger and take a person away from their ordinary day. Kubinec has a profound love for nature and is deeply concerned about the future prosperity of humanity as the world changes. That said; the body of work he explores focuses on aspects of the environment, resources, the built environment, the power of nature, and compassion for future generations to come. The artist is hopeful that humanity will shift to nurture all life and thrive sustainably in a world that is remarkable.