Heimat is a non-profit organization with a mission to celebrate and highlight the work of emerging and contemporay artists from around the world while catalyzing cultural equity across the arts and culture industries using technology.

We offer an alternative perspective to the traditional arts narrative, support the freedom of artistic expression for all, and provide a platform for bold acts of creativity and storytelling.

Our community

Whether you're an aspiring hobbyist, a seasoned professional, or represent an organization with a vested interest in working with artists, Heimat is for you.

Meet artists like you.

Access to an international network of global creatives & trailblazers. Our events create a communal vibe instigating new connections & collaborations across diverse industries and disciplines.

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Create with us

Get involved in online and offline projects inspired by our communities and partnerships with brands. We launch creative briefs and harness the power of real-time community collaboration to bring the best ideas to life, providing new learning and development to their peers.

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Learn with us

Attend relevant online and offline workshops and experiences designed specifically for the modern artists. We co-create peer-based programming with leading creators in our community to meet the creative, commercial and emotional needs of our members.

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