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Heimat is a non-profit organization with a mission to celebrate and highlight the work of emerging and contemporay artists from around the world while catalyzing cultural equity across the arts and culture industries using technology.


For visual artists today, the path to financial stability is neither straight nor predictable. When faced with the question of whether to seek out gallery representation, attempt to sell art on their own, or keep a day job while hustling to make art on the side, many emerging visual artists have no firm guide posts to look to on their journey.

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As much as we love talking about art and design with our #Heimatfam, we are dedicating our platform to continue having important convos on racism and social impact.

Check out our Human Side of Art series on our blog and Magazine and meet creators, art lovers, and platforms who educate and inform on these topics. Here’s to building a more inclusive and anti-racist community together.

Angela H Kim

Angela H Kim

Interview by Heimat Team

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Exclusive trade benefits are available to interior designers and architects.

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We collaborate with commercial partners to facilitate custom installations, murals, and commissioned work.


Our expert advisory team offers personal consultation in art investment and personal collection development.