Artwork you'll love, at radical value.

Meet Heimat (Hei·mat)

Heimat is a one-of-a-kind membership and marketplace that offers the easiest way to discover and collect original artwork from exceptional contemporary artists.

Heimat Concierge
Say goodbye to endless searching. Discover artwork you'll love, without the time commitment. We analyze the art you engage with and mix human support to help you explore personalized art selections, make a decision, & feel in control - you get quality without the time commitment.

Our mission is simple - to revolutionize the way people discover exceptional emerging artists.

We have two options for you.

Choose your plan–then start selecting art work you love.

Transform any four walls.

A Faster, More Enjoyable Collecting Experience.
Save money and time by using Heimat to discover and collect original works from emerging and contemporary artwork. Plus, get data that's unavailable anywhere else.

When you do it yourself

1. Decide what you need.

Do I need smaller works to fill the wall around or a larger one? What factors should I be considering? Do I need an award-winning piece or something original? 

2. Spend hours Googling

What kind of piece do I want? Where can I find it? What size? Which colors will match my décor? What price am I willing to pay? Can I afford it? When will I buy it? And so on.

3. Compare Alternatives 

Is this really what I'm looking for?

4. Spend more time Googling

Will everyone else approve? Where will I put it? How will I get it home? Is this a good investment? Does it fit the scope of my collection? How successful is the artist? Is this the perfect piece? And so on…  

5. Make your decision

What are the pros and cons of buying this piece? Am I making the right decision? Is this going to take too long to get?

7. Post-Purchase

No help with navigating your final decision. Now you live with the piece. 

A revolution in art

Monthly Payments

Pay monthly for exceptional artwork, with the option to buyout any item and never pay more than retail.


All artwork payments can go toward ownership if you decide to keep your piece, and you'll never pay more than retail.

Stress-free delivery or studio visit

Get artwork delivered & set up in less than a week. Our team handles all the heavy lifting and assembly, free for members. For collectors who are interested, visit the artist in their studio and spend a bit of time with them.

Heimat Concierge

The Heimat Standard only features works with a high combination of pleasing appearance and good taste.

Heimat Standard

The Heimat Standard only features works with a high combination of pleasing appearance and good taste.

Fine Tuned Style 

The more you search, the more we learn.


Choose your plan–then start selecting artwork you love.

An art company with flexible options for city living

Heimat Member Exclusives

Be the first to find an original unique piece of artwork before it hits the market. 


Assisting interior designers, developers, and multinational companies execute projects of every scale. 


We work closely with our clients and design partners to commission unique original artwork and limited edition photography.


Our expert advisory team offers personal consultation in art investment and personal collection development.

Our Goal: To Give Back

Each membership and art purchace supports a child through our donations to charity through products that give back.
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Choose your plan - then start selecting art you love

Heimat is priced individually depending on the plan you choose. Heimat rental payment option are only available for works within Canada.

Annual Member

$10/mo + discounted art rental payments

Access to Heimat Concierge

Significantly discounted art payments

One free art change annually

Change your piece anytime - $99 per trip

Payments go towards ownership

Non Member

0/month + full price art payment

Delivery & assembly - $99

Change your piece anytime - $99 per trip